SOLVED I am attractor, the eater of bugs! (bug AND continuous crash report)

  • So I was playing around with IC2, and I so happened to now crash upon entry onto the server. This was caused when I tried switching the nano-helmet HUD, and so happened to step upon an 'advanced' one. It was so advanced, that it caused me to crash (big surprise)! I believe this also applies to the quantum nano helmet HUD mode. A crash report will be left below as a imgur link, since this upload system hates .zip, .rar and .txt files for some odd reason (Although ik it would be better on the IC2 forums, but it might help out in solving this issue). I wish for my helmet to be removed, and a new nano helmet to be refunded to me that I can configure to not be in this advanced HUD mode (the basic and extended one works fine though).
    If more information is needed, then just ask.

  • Staff

    You should be able to login, changed the HUD mode in your player data.

  • Alright, trying right now

  • Thank you, it worked!

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