SOLVED Refined storage drives disappeared (stolen?)

  • Hey peeps.
    I just logged back onto the server to continue playing, and noticed that all of my three 4k drives have gone (god knows where). It contained all of my items (and my friend) and I have the suspicious feeling that someone has stolen them (perhaps arrived from the nether portal?). It could be a glitch, and tell me so if it is. The important question currently is if my (and my friends) three 4k drives can be retrieved, or if they are lost forever (or if the infiltrator can be identified). If it is a bug, then can some sort of refund be given back (I roughly know the items I had in it, but just ores)? Thanks!

  • This is for the stoneage server.

  • Staff

    Is your area protected? I need a timestamp for when you last saw them, to restore them from a backup.

  • My area is claimed, and the timestamp is 23/05/2017 at 3:00PM (last time I was one the server) British time. I will show you on the server the area.

  • Staff

    solvedish, by giving cheatmode to give back items none of the backups had the drive data

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