Chunk Loading Not Working?

  • I have a World Anchor in the End that (should) be keeping my Dimlet farm active. I also have an Enderthermic Pump in the Nether that powers my base. Unfortunately neither work unless I am near it. Other users have also had problems with theirs, while some others seem to be working fine. Now I don't know what's wrong here, but it's probably microwave's fault and I thought I should report it.

    Oh, and it's not the "dimensions not loading after restart" thing, because even after i visit the dimension and leave it stops working after a short while.

    EDIT: My pump is working as usual again now, but my anchors in my Botania area and my Wither Skeleton grinder (both in the overworld) don't seem to be keeping the chunks loaded either - and what's more is that when i'm away for a bit and then come back to my Botania area, I find stacks of charcoal on my dropper where it should be just one. Does it save up what should have been dropped and then drop it all when I come back and the chunk loads? It's confusing the heck out of me. Also, my grinder is a stabilized spawner with upgrades so it should spawn without me being there as long as the chunk is loaded, but it's not.

  • Staff

    I didn't change anything recently and there is no plugin that would change how chunkloaders work, so if some works and others don't I'm afraid I can't do anything until we find a way to reproduce it. Thank you for reporting though!

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