• Minecraft Username: GhettoMozart

    Age: 26

    I'm Robb. Ive been playing Minecraft since alpha. I remember only paying $7 for the game! I've played on and off multiplayer servers ever since Vanilla. I've help moderate several of those servers. I'm from USA, Ohio. I found this server on the FTB forums. It stuck out to me because you had it listed that you didn't have a shop. I think a lot of servers nowadays are almost a 'pay to win' type of style, meaning if you donate 'xx' dollars you get '1000 free diamonds?!?!' I want everyone to have an equal opportunity to build and collect. That's the main thing I look for in a server. The main thing I look for in a community is willingness to help and just to be nice. It's always cool to be able to interact and build with others. It allows you to learn from your peers and expand your modded Minecraft experience. Thanks.

    • GhettoMozart

  • Staff

    Hey Robb, sorry for the long wait.
    I think I payed 5€ at the time, equal opportunity and a unlimited environment is our goal ;)
    Added you to our whitelist, welcome to Stonebound!

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