• Hello! My name is ojoman or Eóin, I'm 16 years old, and I'm from Ireland (who needs ping?). I was introduced to this server by Teamrod14 (as are the last few applicants) after not playing modded Minecraft in probably over 6 months, and I'd like to get back into it. This server seems much more open and friendly than pretty much any other I've seen, and the first I've seen with nothing banned, which is a massive plus in my opinion. While I don't remember much about the game due to how long it's been since playing, I remember in the past being unable to complete builds due to certain items or blocks dissapearing when placed, only to find that they were banned and I need to start from scratch.


  • Staff

    Hey, have fun playing with your friends.
    Added to the whitelist so you're good to go, welcome to Stonebound ;)

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