• Hi my IGN is LegallyBronze I'm 25 and i live in the United States.I have been playing Minecraft since 2011.Mining and exploring are my forte so I almost always make my bases underground.I would describe myself as a friendly helpful person who really loves modded minecraft and just wants to find some people to hang out with and build crazy stuff.I found your website after looking on google for an FTB Ultimate server to play on so I could relive the old days.Also from what I could find you have the BEST ftb ultimate server that is currently up and running.Thank you for considering my application.I hope to be able to call Stonebound my new home for modded minecraft.

  • Staff

    not many Ultimate servers left these days, glad you found us. I just added you to the whitelist!
    So welcome to Stonebound and have fun on the server 😉

  • @phit Oh man thanks so much😀

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