• Minecraft Username: EvocativeDog

    Age: 18

    About Myself:
    Well, I'm from El Paso, Texas (that's all I'll say for now) and it's hot pretty much all the time. Now I know you don't want to hear about my childhood and how I had a dog named Bo which I loved very much (that is true), so I'll just tell you about my gaming life. I started gaming with a Game Boy and I won't go into too much detail, but I ended up going from Game Boy to PlayStation 2 to PlayStation 3 to Xbox 360 and then to PC. I've always had a passion and respect for gaming because although I did play sports and enjoyed them very much, playing something which has required years of development and innovation has always intrigued me. The complexity involved in making games has always been a mystery to some, but I just loved reading about it and learning how numbers are turned into experiences. Well, Minecraft caught my eye because a game where you can build and destroy whatever you want (without griefing) peaked my interest immensely. I didn't have a computer at the time, but I did have an Xbox 360, and on May 9th of 2012 I got my very first digital copy of Minecraft the Xbox version. I played this game for days on end. I made redstone contraptions and sticky pistons doors (that is after the sticky piston update came out) and just loved the heck out of it. About 2 years later, my dad bought himself a mac book and I started to play Minecraft on that instead. I started joining communities and ranking up on servers and it was great! I knew my passion for Minecraft would never die out. Unfortunately, my sister decided to use the mac book for school and had to take it most of the days so I was stuck using my Xbox all over again. That was, until, I got an Alienware laptop (yes, I know what you are thinking, Alienware???? It's not that bad, trust me) and started playing more and more computer games. I started getting into Modded Minecraft and playing Tekkit and Direwolf. I joined many more communities and became various types of staff ranks, but eventually those servers closed due to internal issues. I decided to then try GMod out and joined communities also. I was on and off of Minecraft and GMod for a while and gained experiences such as owning and developing servers, websites, and being a better staff member. This journey has taught me to be patient and mature at all times because that is what every server needs. And so, I leave you off with this. I want to join this community because I want to be part of a small, player-focused server with mature and managed players. I need a long break from childish trolls and griefers always doing what they are not supposed to do. I want to also be a part of this server because I have been a part of too many big servers which don't focus on the players, but focus on making more money and gaining popularity. I found this community by looking for white-listed servers and happened to stumble upon you guys/gals and I hope you accept me so that I may be a part of your gaming family.

    • With Regards, EvocativeDog 2017

  • Staff

    Sorry, for the wait. Just had time to look at your app.. hope you enjoy playing here, I added you to our whitelist!
    Welcome to Stonebound and have fun playing on the server 😉

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