• Hi! My in-game name is Xotavu, i'm 17 years old. I was scrolling through some servers on FTBservers.com when I saw this one pop up, I love small communities and I like to have fun in the game and play together sometimes. I have a lot of knowledge in modded gameplay, tech mods are my favourite and I know everything about most of them. Building is not my best skill but still I like to make the best out of it. I think It's nice to have a server with people who enjoy communicating with each other and just have a great time. A friend of mine is playing on this server(Djokkie) and he told me the people here were nice and it was a good time playing here.
    I hope you accept me:D


  • Staff

    Heyo, added you to the whitelist!
    Have fun playing with Djokkie and welcome to Stonebound ;)

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