• Hello, My name is Dakota, 23, I'm from North Carolina USA.
    I haven't played Minecraft in 3 years, but recently I got back into FTB and decided I wanted to play with other people so I could get used to everything along the way and help people as well as receive help.
    On the weekends I play DnD, Warhammer, and Cyberpunk. I currently am running a Warhammer Only War RPG game on Roll20.
    Once I get the hang of a mod I can become pretty knowledgeable about it, my in game name is D_Coe.
    I found you guys on the FTB website.

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest.
    I just added you to our whitelist! Welcome to Stonebound and have fun playing on our servers 😉

  • SWEEEEET!!!!

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