• Dear Peoples,

    I am the one and only Jarek718, also Known as Jarosław (good luck).
    Currently I am a 22 old European (from Poland) that happens to reside in NYC.
    I have graced Minecraft with my presence ever since alpha (a week before Beta).
    I would like to join your to enjoy modded Minecraft like in the olden-days of Tekkit.
    I use to hold many possions of power among servers.
    These possions include an admin possion on a modded server run under NobleCraft and moderator (with operator powers) on the main servers of NobleCraft.
    I have a PHD in the art of squares, it's an art that has been perfected over countless year and countless servers.
    You have Zhivotnoya (an old friend of mine) to blame for my appearance for he has a link to this on his twitch stream to the server (please give him a cookie, I'm not even joking here).
    I happly accept the fair and just server rules, no one wants a bum mooching off you.

    I thank thee for thy time,
    Jarosław "Jarek718" Rybak.

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest.
    Added you to the whitelist! Welcome to Stonebound and have fun on the server 😉

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