• Hello, my username is Xltimus.

    My experience:
    I am 24 years old, and have been a minecrafter since Alpha, started playing modded after seeing the Yogscast play Tekkit. I desire to be part of a mature community, as cheesy and generic as that sounds, I am tired of being alone. My previous job occupation essentially took over my life and left me in a social vacuum of sorts. I was heavily involved in Runescape previously, ended up as an admin in a Social-clan... But it still feels like its still single-player, just with a chatbox on the bottom. Most of the folks don't ever interact with each other except the group of few people that fights bosses together. But it isn't just our clan, this seems to be fairly consistent throughout that game. I've tried Terraria, couldn't find a community and single-player just didn't seem worthwhile going at it alone. Minecraft's the only game I've come across to really hit the nail on the whole "social" thing.

    I've hosted minecraft servers for my friends and a couple of smaller communities before for short periods of time... I ended up fixing more things than playing the actual game, so that wasn't entirely fun- but it did give me some experience on how things kinda worked on the backend and the whole moderation... thing. I've even put together a couple of modpacks together myself just before Agrarian Skies came out, after seeing the stuff in that pack, my eyes were opened to the real possibilities and control a modpack could provide. Tried to recreate that first modpack I made, but better ever since then. Keep burning out though, very tedious removing redundant stuff and rebalancing recipes and mechanics. Especially since I didn't have a minecraft community at that point, that was sort of the deal with the first pack I made. That particular community was originally modded, then vanilla, then factions-vanilla. The administrator just sort of ... vanished, there were still staff, but now the community was at risk of suddenly vanishing. So I put together a modpack that was like the complete opposite of factions and at even more difficulty, a "Hardcore" pack. What was left of us of the factions server, former enemies would now have to unite together in the face of death. Been longing for that social bit ever since.

    tldr version: I would like to make some new friends and have a good time. I have some experience with servers and modded minecraft. If there's a situation that required a drastic change on my part for the good of the server, I'd be glad to comply. (I probably needed to clean up that one corner anyways.)

    Ideally I would like to be able to start playing a strange combination of co-op and nomadic. Now, if you read that wall of text above, you're probably thinking: "What about all that mumbo jumbo about being social? Why are you going to be a nomad?"

    • I have a habit of not finishing up my "base", if I keep things small and manageable I might be able to finish something- also it should be easier on servers without another person with a monstrous overcomplicated mechanical/quantum network.
    • I'd rather help someone else, if I'm just on my own- it doesn't feel worth doing anything for the most part. I would gladly go out and do tedious tasks for folks in exchange for food and/or resources, or something. I don't expect any free hand outs.
    • Probably set up multiple shacks or small shelters in the wilderness or nearby certain people (with consent of course). I don't intend a whole lot of player protection for these, random folks are welcome to stay and/or claim these. Minus for the ones that I may be actively occupying.

    If anything I've mentioned that might be an issue, please let me know so I can either clarify or so I can make the appropriate changes before it becomes a problem.

    Hope to see y'all soon.

  • Staff

    Hey, probably the longest app we've had so far!
    Getting the social thing going is hard, even for use there are periods where chat is just a box that's there. It really depends on the people that play.

    I fix more than I play too, so I get where you are coming from. It's hard to stay interested in playing when there's always something else to do, I just accepted it and come back to the game every other month or so.

    A survival hardcore pack like that sounds fun, we've been toying with the idea of starting an Invasion server for the same reasons. But the problem is getting everyone together and keep a server like that going, especially when it's supposed to get harder later on and not everyone is there from the start.

    If you are interested in maybe organizing something like that or other events to bring everyone together hit me up. We've been looking for someone who has the time to invest time in something like that!
    Otherwise I hope you have a good time here and if you don't I'd love to hear feedback from someone who ran servers themselves before. Whitelisted & welcome to Stonebound 😉

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