SOLVED Draconic Evolution Flux gates

  • Donator

    Couple of us are building our Draconic Evolution reactor. It came to our attention that the flux gate from the same mod doesn't show any crafting recipe. Before posting this I did some research online and came across this post from the mod's developer himself;

    If all fails, would it be possible to make it some sort of kit? It only requires 2 flux gates to regulate the RF going in and out of the Draconic Reactor in order to keep it stabilized.

    Thanks in advance for you cooperation!

  • Staff

    so after i just spent an hour fixing your reactor since it blew up and repeatably crashed the server, yes I can add a recipe but I'm not sure if the gates are even working properly in this version

    please do some testing in singleplayer first, if it works there I'll add a recipe.. also this is the only time ill fix this for you if your reactor blows up again and destroys your base its your fault and I won't help you!

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