• Hello, my username is w1w2c3p4, I'm 19 and applying for the whitelist. As a player I've played a bit of singleplayer FTB, I've recently been trying to help my friend play Minecraft, and wow did I run into problems trying to set up an offline LAN server. I spend two days of my weekend trying to work through all the errors and problems, until I finally gave up and tried to buy him his own Minecraft account, only to find out that due to my banks out of country policies I couldn't even buy him his own account! Anyway, I decided to try a FTB server (for the first time) to make everything simpler.

    Ah, I rambled about my problems, sorry about that.

    As a player I mostly keep to myself, I prefer small servers where I can meet people and say hello when I log on, small town sort of thing.

    You should accept me because I'm not going to cause any trouble, I'm friendly and I wrote a long (and mostly relevant) application.

    I'm from California and I found you by looking through North America FTB Beyond small and professional looking servers, of which yours stood out as it has a white list. If I may sate my curiosity, what is the longest application you have received?

  • Staff

    Hey, sorry to hear that you were having such a bad time.
    You shouldn't have any issues playing uninterrupted on our server, added to the whitelist ;)
    Welcome to Stonebound, about the applications you made me curious, I'll see what I can do to figure that one out.

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