• Hey, my real name is Roy so people can call me Roy or Jeice it doesn't matter to me I'm chill about both, Jeice is just a reference to a character in Dragon Ball. So, in my spare time, I either go to the weight room after school, play football with friends or just go out and eat. I'm 17 turning 18 in a couple weeks (17th of April) so I might throw a party, or instead, I might hop on my laptop and play some modded Minecraft. The reason i want to be apart of this a community is because I'm still learning the twist and qwerks to the things that come in a modpack, and I am sure if I join this server, I'll be able to learn more about mods and possibly help newcomers like me in the future. In this server I'm confident I'll be able to build leadership and contribute more to the community as a whole.

    Also, I found out about this server through

  • Staff

    Hello, and thank you for your interest in our server.
    Unfortunately, based on a closer look at your online history, we don't feel you would be a good fit here.
    I hope that you understand, and I wish you the best of luck in finding a server that is suitable for you.

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