• Good morning, afternoon, evening, to whomever reads this. My name Is Raymond, I am 20 years old, and I have been playing Minecraft since I was a freshman in high school which is around 6 years ago now. When I first started playing, I thought Minecraft alone was a wonderfully made game, it wasn't until I discovered the modded side of Minecraft did I truly Realize the true potential of the game. About a year after discovering Minecraft I started getting into technology, with my first technology mod being Industrial Craft, Buildcraft and Thermal expansion. For hours, days, weeks, I would tinker, create, tear down, rebuild new designs, striving for ultimate efficiency. As time went on I discovered even more mods, my favorite one probably being Greg tech, due to its close connection to chemistry. My knowledge over the past 5 years has formed me, to what i believe, an excellent engineer. I have mastered almost every technology mod in existence, and with the retirement of old mod creators and the introduction to new and updated ones, It feels great to begin the processes of relearning everything and starting a new all over again. it has been many years since a wave of new technology mods have hit Minecraft, and why not start this journey here. I am hopeful to become part of the team, and look forward building my "Laboratory" on one of your servers. Oh, and before I forget, I found this community through the FTB server list.

    Minecraft username: RaymondIII

  • Staff

    Hey, you reminded me how much I miss the older Gregtech and we really need to see some new tech mod ideas. Even in 1.10 it feels like mostly recycled ideas, anyway I'll see you on the server sometime. Welcome to Stonebound ;)

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