• Yo, Jake 'Ere.
    I'm an 19 year old cook from norway who got asked by three of me american friends to join them on minecraft.
    I ofcourse accepted & They've now linked me here and told me to write in an application.

    I'm an " Veteran " Of minecraft if you will, I myself started to play it when i was abouts 13-14 year old with friends of mine & we'd spend countless hours on the damn game, Since then i've been playing on and off & Now i'm returning to the game after quite a long break

    My Whitelisted friends are

    I'm rather mature & experienced with rules after playing on way to many minecraft servers, Both Experience in hosting & Managing aswell as playing.
    A Creative mind seeking to play with minecraft with his friends

  • I Belive i forgot to add in my Minecraft username, Could not find the " Edit " Button.

    My Minecraft username is iIzJake ( iizjake )

  • Staff

    Hey Jake,

    veteran players are always welcome, just went ahead and whitelisted you!
    Welcome to Stonebound, I hope you enjoy your time here ;)

    you can edit in the bottom right of your post that little 3 dot button opens a menu

  • Oh, Cheers bud!

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