• Found the server on FTB Forums from a Google search

    IGN: xXNoScopeSw3gXxM (Preferred: 6XAM, though not current IGN)
    IRL: Max
    Age: 17

    Hey! You've found yourself on a very special application. Yes indeed, this could be your star player and community member until my computer dies or school gets in the way and I disappear for a month. That aside, I would love to join your community! I love being part of Minecraft server communities and like to work on projects that bring us together I.E: Railcraft networks between bases, player run shops, OpenComputers help and trades for services in game.

    I have been an active part in multiple servers for the past three years, until they, unfortunately, die. This is usually due to funding but in once case it continued to run, but the player base was gone. I'm currently looking for a new one to invest in, specifically in the "Beyond" Pack, due to it's inclusion of many of may favorite mods: IC2, OpenComputers, TechReborn (I really like that one), Railcraft, Immersive Engineering, Forestry + Bee Additions, among others.

    I hope you take serious consideration in my application, and I look forward to meeting you and the rest of the community.

  • Staff

    Hello Max,
    6XAM is currently not taken 😉 Anyway added you to the whitelist have fun on the server.
    Welcome to Stonebound!

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