• Hello guys! I'm Muffin. I'm a 18 y o guy from Romania. IGN: Mike_The_Muffin. Personally, i play minecra0ft most of my free time but i've been struggling to find another good server (only one chunk working at normal TPS, p2w etc.). This server resembles a very dear server i used to play on that bassicly has no banned items besides the ones that glitched/crashed the server and i'm very keen to possibly join you in a propper multiplayer experience.
    P.S. I found you via ftbservers.com (if the link is unallowed i`m terribly sorry)

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    Welcome to Stonebound! Whitelist applies to all current and future servers, so you don't have to worry about that.

    We look forward to having you!

  • i seem to be having some PC-related problems. i will probabbly get them sorted out in a month's time(long time, i know). replying here in case the whitelist has a timer untill you get automatically kicked out.

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    whitelist is forever, unless you get yourself banned

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