Upcoming Event! Maze Battle February 6

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    Event Information

    We are pleased to invite you all to a server wide event on February 6 @ 10PM UTC.
    The event will be a battle, and there is no cap on the number of participants.
    There is also an area for spectators should you choose not to participate.

    Gear will be supplied, so don't worry if you're not far along yet, as everyone will have a fair chance of winning.
    Please leave your personal possessions at home, as they are not permitted in the arena.

    Teamspeak is required for this event.
    While you are not required to mic up, you must be on teamspeak to participate.
    This is to ensure there is no confusion and that everyone receives the same information.

    We understand some of you may not be able to attend due to playing in the off hours.
    While this event is occurring during peak hours on the server, we look forward to holding future events at different times to give everyone a chance to play.

    Everyone is free to check out the arena beforehand, it's located near spawn in the Event Hub at x: 185 z:880, or you can use the teleporter at spawn.

    Event Prizes


    All winners will receive the trophy above displayed on their site profile, as well as the following in game rewards:

    1st — Two creative tinkerer's construct modifiers and two green heart canisters.
    2nd — One creative tinkerer's construct modifier and one green heart canister.
    3rd — One green heart canister.

    Interested in hosting your own event? Feel free to contact the staff and let us know!

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