• Hey there!

    Me and my friend (CryonicX and epicsandy2000) have been looking for a good FTB Beyond server lately with a really good community to hang out and chill with. We consider ourselves to be veteran players who have been playing for quite some time and that are experienced with the modded mine-craft scene as we've been playing since MC was launched.

    Recently, we've finished a Project Ozone 2 Skyblock map together and was wondering if we could find a server on Beyond modpack as it looks to be rather interesting not to mention we miss the normal world gen 🙂 .

    Our ages are both 17, apart from being hooked to survival games we are just your casual Computer science students and we would love it if you guys considered us to join.

    -CryonicX and Sandy

  • Staff

    Hey CryonicX, added you to the whitelist!
    For Sandy to be whitelisted aswell, he/she will have to reply here, we require all users to have their own forum account for organizational purposes, once done he/she will be whitelisted aswell.
    Thanks, for understanding.

    Declined, actual username is _CryonicX, when asked about a age difference I had found he admitted to lying in this application too.

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