• Username: doyle239
    Age: 19

    About me/ Intro: I play a lot of video games and love modded Minecraft (specifically Infinity Evolved). When I read about FTB Beyond I was super excited to play it because I enjoyed Infinity Evolved so much but I don't like playing Minecraft single-player and I find it way more fun to join a good community and be able to work with/ help out other players especially in a big modpack like this. I am willing to join Discord if accepted.

    Why you should accept me: I like to focus on as many mods I can, so I have a good understanding of a lot of mods and I'm willing to work with other players or help teach new players. My favorite mod from Infinity Evolved was Thaumcraft but since that isn't in Beyond I guess ill have to learn the new mod and hopefully I can do it alongside other players so we can help each other out as we learn.

    How I found Stonebound: I googled FTB Beyond servers and found you on the FTB Forums.

    Hopefully you read my application, I would love be able to join what seems to be a great community.
    Thanks 🙂

  • Staff

    agreed Infinity was a great pack, Thaumcraft will be added to Beyond once it comes out though.
    Added you to the whitelist, have fun on the server and welcome to Stonebound!

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