• My minecraft name is Marcus. I am a boy on 13 years old. People tell me I am not like other kids in my age. I have played minecraft over 1 year. I play much football. I live in Norway. As a player i like to get stuff fast and i like to play with friends and have fun. I hate grifers and scammers. I follow the server rules and try have fun with everyone on the server. Some friends told me about the server and it heard interesting server to be on and play with friends on

  • Hello to all the mods out there...
    I am a player in your server, and would be chuffed if my friend here is accepted into our community so we are able to play together.
    I don't want to influence your decision, but nonetheless, thought to let you all know so you COULD keep it in your consideration if you wanted to 😉
    Thanks a lot!
    Cheers! 😄

  • Staff

    Hello Marcus, thank you for your interest.
    While we do consider users who are under the age of 16, I do think you are a little bit too young for our community. You are welcome to apply again in the future and we will be happy to reconsider your application at that time.
    I hope you understand and I wish you best of luck finding a server.

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