• name: zanna1998

    Reasons for joining: I have played FTB modpacks and modded minecraft for the past 2 years and i just can't seem to find a solid community to join but i feel like this one might be a good fit. I love everything within the forestry mods, and i love bees! I don't make huge laggy structures just an automated bee system is probably my biggest thing i do.

    What can i provide: I like to help out people and i also like contributing to the world. Minecraft has always allowed us to build whatever we want but i think i can help improve the community through my ideas and cooperation.

    Why you should accept me: I am looking to be part of a community not just in one, plus I have also been a helper on a few servers so I know how to handle difficult situations.

    About me: I am 19, from IL, USA, i like to always be on an adventure, current taking architecture in college, also I like to makes lots of friends.

    How I discovered this server: I googled whitelist ftb beyond servers.

  • Staff

    Hello, I just added you to our whitelist! Hope you have fun on our server, welcome to Stonebound ;)

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