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    Tell us about yourself as a player: *I've been a huge gamer since the 90s. First MMO was FFVII, followed by MMORPG such as but not limited to; Ultima Online, FFXI, RIFT, WoW Guild Wars 2. Took a break from the MMORPGs and moved on to PC games like Fallout series, The Elder Scroll series, The Witcher series. Lately I've been playing numerous mod pack on a SSP. You could say i beat 1.7 modpacks lol. I am generally quiet and help out the best I can. *

    **Why we should accept you? I do believe I have a lot to offer both in and out of game suggestions and guidance. **

    Age: 35

    Minecraft username: Vvtra

    **Where you're from and how you found us: I am currently in North Carolina. I google "Whitelist servers FTB Beyong 1.10" and narrowed my search. **

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    Hello again, added you to our whitelist! Welcome to Stonebound and have fun playing on our servers 😉

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