• Howdy.

    I’m just an ordinary college student looking for a friendly community to encompass a casual play of Minecraft. The singleplayer mode lacks the engagement that naturally occurs in multiplayer, which is why I’m writing this here application. I’m often labeled as a wallflower, but I’d say I’m easy to get along with.

    I have yet to try out the new FTB Beyond modpack. Infinity was the last one I tried out, and had a lot of fun with it. I’m pretty excited to see some familiar mods in the modlist, too.

    I’m from the west in the U.S. at the edge of the Rocky Mountain Range. I discovered this community from the Feed-the-Beast forums under the Whitelist filter for FTB Beyond.

    Minecraft Username: Thulatious
    Age: 23 years old

  • Staff

    enjoy all the new things since 1.7, added you to the whitelist.
    Have fun and welcome to Stonebound ;)

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