• Hi there. Im a pigletpoops247 a 17 year old that has been playing on modded survival servers for quite a while. However, all the other servers that I have been part of have disappeared or have become dormant. I hope that I can join your server because I just want to join others in the things that I enjoy and meet some new friends. Also this seems like a great community because in past servers most people are very toxic, however Stonebound seems promising. I have played a lot of direwolf20, however i see that FTB beyond is also an option. I looked into it and it seems like a way better modpack! I would really enjoy playing it with some quality folks. Thank you for reading my application and I hope i can play soon! P.S. my username was created many years ago and i am sorry in advanced. -Pigletpoops247 (P.S. I know English and some Spanish)

  • Staff

    you can change your Minecraft name for a while now https://mojang.com/2015/01/announcing-minecraft-name-changes/
    Anyway added you to the whitelist! Welcome to Stonebound 😉

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