• Hello, My name is Odrau (Robert) and I would like to apply for a white list on your servers. I'm a 27 year old tree puncher, I enjoy building and tinkering about with random mods. I tend to be a bit of a hermit, that is to say, I'm quiet and tend to get immersed in my projects too much. But don't let that fool you, I am friendly and enjoy interacting with the communities. I love seeing other peoples builds and bases almost as much as my own - I find myself learning new things all the time. Thanks for your consideration and thanks for providing a community.

    Some of my past builds:
    (many more, just no screens)


  • Staff

    Hey Odrau, you've actually played in our community before!
    I just found your application from almost 3 years ago on the FTB forums, that's pretty neat. I just readded you to the whitelist, welcome back and I'll see you on the server 😉

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