• I'm Pup, 22 y/o male from Australia and yes a 250ping is playable for me lol there's just very few FTB servers in Aus that run the packs I wish to play. I could rant for a long time for the "about me" part of this but to be honest to really understand me you have to actually talk to me, I make dirty jokes, I swear and get frustrated pretty easily but I'm not the type that'll just keep doing it, if someone doesn't like it then they just have to tell me and I'll cut it back or find somewhere else to talk and be me.

    The name Pup has a bit more significance to me then just a nickname and in time some may discover the real meaning of it but the easiest way I can think of to give you a "description" of what I'm like is to go look up the Chinese Zodiac "Wood Dog" and I feel it gives a pretty good description of me just be warned different websites lay it all out kind of differently.

    The best one that I've found - http://www.metaphysicalzone.com/china/dog3.shtml (and Yes that's actually my Zodiac)

    Why should you have me around?, honestly that's upto you to decide I like to make other people happy and have a hard time settling down. typically find myself wanting to do things for other people rather then myself because I'm never satisfied when I do it for myself.

    Also I just realised I said I could rant on the "About me" part and then went ahead and kinda did, heh. /(^.^)\

  • Staff

    Heyo, we had other players from the oceanic region!
    I've been told the ping is alright, Minecraft doesn't really need great ping. Anyway I just whitelisted you 😉
    Welcome to Stonebound.

  • Much appreciated, Looking forward to getting on and playing. though the ping is good but when my Roommate is watching Anime it does all kinds of horrrible things to my latency lol. See you in the Beyond 😄

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