• Heyo everyone,

    While looking for fun servers to re-start playing minecraft on I stumbled upon you guys.
    So I'd like to introduce myself in hopes to play with some more experienced players than myself.

    My name is Jean-Pierre, I go by either JP or JuPp3.
    Born in the Netherlands, 1988. That makes me 28 years old at the date of this post.
    Started minecraft some 5 years ago but quickly lost interest as I had nobody to play it with. Over the years I've done some vanilla skyblocks untill recently I saw a couple of Hermitcraft players start their skyfactory and got really interested in building my own.

    So far it's been a week and I'm starting to become familiar with some of the mechanics and developing new strategies on the go.
    Only, it becomes quite the boring grind when you're just by yourself.
    So here I am, looking for friends to play skyfactory with!

    Kind regards,

  • Staff

    As I said on Discord, added you to the whitelist 😉

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