• IGN: magwes
    Age: 18
    From: Norway

    I generally play just for fun, most of the time with my friends and sometimes alone. I play mostly minecraft as a time passer, there are certain times i play because i really want to but those are few and far between. I really like to play with other players and make new friends here and there, other cultures are fun and gaming is a awesome way of learning new ones.

    As for the part where why you should accept me, i do not have a answer for you. that question is something that would be either to selfish to start blabbering about me and my skills just to join, and it would be no good if I just plainly said, "I'd like to join your server", and that is no way to answer such a question. If i am to answer such a question i want to go deep, but i have a problem of telling when i have gone to deep... hehe

    Referred by Dragonslayer0904

  • Staff

    Hey magwes,
    added you to our whitelist! Welcome to Stonebound and have fun playing ;)

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