• Hey Stonebound, I am interested in joining your server. I am 17 years of age. My Minecraft name is "shadeToruk" . I've been apart of the FTB community for two years. I love modded Minecraft, it just adds so much more to the game and I like a community where there are several people online at a time and I also like speaking to people, learning new ideas, from world knowledge to game knowledge. I feel that I would be a great addition to your community because I like to help others and give ideas. I hope to find a consistent community and I believe Stonebound could be it. I also found the server on the FTB forums.


  • Staff

    Hello, and thank you for your interest in our server.
    Unfortunately, but due to the sudden influx of a lot of new players the Applications are currently closed and you have been placed on a waiting list.
    I hope that you understand, if you don't want to be added to that list reply to this post.

  • I don't mind waiting, but where can I find the TeamSpeak Address?

  • @phit Nevermind, Wow, I did not see it until now. :sweat:

  • Staff

    hey @shadeToruk,
    starting to let the few people on the waiting list in, just reviewed your application and whitelisted you!
    Welcome to Stonebound, hope to see you on the server soon ;)

  • @phit OH MY GOODNESS thank you so much be on in later! :satisfied:

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