RFTools Dimension! (Help)

  • I've been doomed by this cursed mod t o never be able to use a dimension. Even after making a new one and changing the ID of it, it unfortunately crashed the server without warning and deleted the whole dimension. I do not know what i'm doing wrong here. I've followed the Wiki, and the words of the wise DireWolf20 himself. Any help in trying to solve this would be much appreciated. I'm lost and am quite possibly destined to not have a dimension for the largest Extreme Reactor possible. :(

  • Staff

    the dimensions were made though, they are in the world folder and show up under /rftdim list, did you just use the tablet due to the crash?
    what dimlets did you use?

  • I only just made a blank tablet with no dimlets except the owner dimlet. The first crash of the server made the tablet disappear from the dimension loader that is was loaded into. Would deleting the dimensions and recreating them work? Oh, I guess the other dimlet I used was the one to change the ID but that was it.

  • Staff

    I looked into it have no idea what went wrong, I recreated your dimension tablet and threw it into your dimension builder. Once it had power it showed up in the dialer. So yeah, your dimension should work now, if you have any more issues let me know.

  • Ok, thank you so much Phit.

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