SOLVED Princess or Queen disappearing from hives

  • I am using ender IO pipes pulling and putting right back to the same hives, I have lost about 4-6 queens so far. Not sure if this is a limit of generations in captivity or if this is ender io dropping them on restart or some such. Just looking for any ideas on why the are disappearing.

  • Staff

    Ignoble Stock is a state given to Bee's in the Forestry mod. If a bee is Ignoble it means that the specific princess will die and disappear after a random number of breeding cycles. However, if the bee is Pristine, it will never die out and you will be able to keep breeding the certain bee.

    Do you have pristine queens disappearing? I have never really seen EnderIO pipes just voiding things, even during a restart 😕

  • I never lost pristine princess on dw20. I've been using EIO conduits. If you want to extend life of the ignoble ones use frames.

  • I bet you nailed it I only have a few pristine, so now have to find out how to make them pristine or just get more.


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