SOLVED RFTools Dimensions

  • I've had quite a few problems with my dimension. Twice now once before and once after I've tried to make the alternate dimension but both times if never showed up in the dialer like it was supposed to. I had thrown away the first, since it was bugged, but since the second one was bugged a swell I dismantled it and will need another Owner dimlet. Sorry for this happening more than once, after a few hours looking as to why this happened I need to add a digit dimlet to make it a different ID since the bugged dimension was made pre-patch for the mod. I fully understand if I'm not allowed another Owner dimlet as it is the third one. I am not saving them at all and will accept you with an open ME system to double check. Thank you for the replies this may get.

  • Staff

    don't worry, it happens! just gave you one, I'll see what i can do to get rid of the bugged dims in the future

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