• Howdy! Talidorn here... most just call me Tali (sounds like Tally). So, I'll be 50 this year. I might be one of the older players most have played MC with on other servers. I've played on numerous communities (deVco, MYM, etc, etc, etc.). I've hosted my own servers, I've provided servers for a variety of others (namaicraft, Hounds, etc).

    I work remote and tend to play a few hours a day. I'm glad to offer any other info you might wonder about. I've asked another player on your server about some of the main bugs that most of the 1.10 servers have currently. I'm really excited that it seems you have solved the dupe with hammers and compressed resources. I like to see a server community that doesn't just rest on its laurels!

    Oh ummm... yeah so I'm currently MST (-7 UTC). I don't have any problem being on TS or discord or ... unless I'm in a work meeting 😄

    Here is hoping you'll have me.


  • Staff

    Hey, we have a few older players around your age here!
    Good to hear that, finding solutions for bugs like this is one of my top priorities and for the past few weeks I have been in daily contact with a Sponge dev to get even more issues resolved 😉 We also were one of the first server to my knowledge that offered a void end/nether in this pack.
    Looking forward to talking to you, just added you to the whitelist, welcome to Stonebound!

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