Need some help

  • I guess.... because I can't connect to the server anymore.

    And normally I would say my client/modpack screwed up.
    But I already restarted computer, updated java, re-installed FTB, even tried the Curse client. But all of them do the same thing, connect to client and disconnect me without a message and all i see is my dirt background.
    So I've had myself told I am problably stuck because there isnt a real error and the first time I crashed (because that is what happened) I was near my garage doors.

    So if somebody would be so kind as to remove the garage doors @1348, 283- for me or possibly teleport me to spawn in those couple of seconds i do connect to the server :D Than I will be a happy girl again ^^

  • Staff

    moved you to spawn, if that doesn't change anything post your client log and I'll see what I can do.

  • Thanks did the trick :D I am online again ^^

    EDIT: Noooessss :( I broke it again, something on my land is doing this, stupid garage doors :S

  • Staff

    well that didn't last long
    edit: fixed

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