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    Once your application has been accepted, feel free to introduce yourself here.

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    Hey there,
    I am TwiiCe 😄

    I've been around mostly hanging with Neverwhere

  • Staff

    @TwiiCe hey nice to see you and neverwhere around again, keep in mind we're still in testing since we basically restarted everything from scratch
    i hope you stick around and report any issues that come up!

  • Hey there!

    I figured that while I waited for my client to reload after an unfortunate crash, I'd go ahead and introduce myself to the community.

    I'm Mal, I'm a 19 year old guy going to school for a math degree to later go on to be a math teacher 🙂

    I enjoy playing FTB when I don't have any homework to do, so expect me to be on a lot for the next few weeks while classes are still rolling to a start, but I may get on less in the next coming months unfortunately 😞

    I really like playing with the magic side of modded Minecraft, so things like Witchery, Botania, and Thaumcraft are my speciality.

    Outside of Modded Minecraft, I play a lot of Vanilla and Rocket League.

    Just PM me or reply if you want to know anything more about me 🙂

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    @14Mal02 It's kind of funny that you like the magic mods as a mathematician!
    Anyhow, welcome to the server!

  • Hello!

    I am BrokenNail and new to the server, (about 2 days now), along with my partner Auronreinhart and we are really enjoying it here 🙂
    We are always happy to have a chat in game and have a good sense of humor, look forward to meeting everyone in game!

    I really enjoy Botania, Pam's Harvestcraft and Galacticraft... and a few others, I am a little sad that my texture pack doesnt work with Revelations, I hope that Soartex and Invictus updates for all the mods like Tinkers' Construct.

    Outside of the game I have 3 children who keep me busy and also enjoy crochet, sewing and various crafts. Hope to see you all in game soon 🙂

  • Patron

    I JUST noticed this and I figured I'd try to resurrect this thread with introductions.

    I'm Doc8Eight, one of the few 'old folks' on the server at 44. I'm a Texan by way of Yankee land - a gun toting, bbq loving, kitten snuggling son of a gun with two kids, two kittens and a fondness for Minecraft that goes back to just at the edge of the alpha stage. I made Lets Plays once upon a time and I have talked about going back to it but haven't done it yet. To me Minecraft is a social game; I hate playing alone and I like working with members of a team.

    Outside of Minecraft I shoot, love to cook and smoke meats and I'm into animal rescue locally, volunteering a lot of my time. And reading, I tend to read a lot - last year I read around 250 books. I've been on Stonebound for around five months now. Way back in the 90s I went to college for pre-law and criminal justice and law and medicine remain deep fascinations of mine.

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