SOLVED [SF3] Mob spawning issues

  • I've just tried to build a mob spawning platform 20-40 blocks away from my base, and I'm having issues spawning anything at all. I did notice I have been getting no F7 spawn overlay tile thingo at all since starting my base here.. I just assumed that overlay was disabled or such. I had another player come and check out my base to see what the issue was, and he also noticed that there was no f7 spawn overlay on flat ground in my base, even with no torches or light sources.

    I teleported to his base, and as soon as he broke a torch I had the F7 yellow overlay squares for spawning mobs... so it seems like there is possibly an issue with my base? I can't work out what could be doing this.

    My base location is -257x, -1793z. None of the surfaces appear to show F7 spawn info, even with the torches removed.

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