• There is not much to say about me, I am 24 years old, I live in Italy (GMT+1) I am an university student who is studying economy,I am here thinking what I could write but nothing important or special comes to my mind because tbh my life is not that intersting 😛 have different hobbies, well I can't really tell hobbies, simply because I like to experience as much as I can, I am always in need of trying something new, but what I do right now? I like lifting, I like following TV series, gaming and I would like to start to do YouTube videos (yeh, like everyone else lol). I was without a PC for around one year, I managed to build a budget limit rig yesterday and the first thing I did was download Minecraft because I really like playing Minecraft, especially modded version. Btw I used to play MMORPGS a lot, so addicted to them. My previous mmorpg was Tera, played it for over two years non stop, yeh that's what I do, when I get something to it, especially games I can't stop myself from getting addicted to it, that's something I should work on, self-control. 😛 I have played vanilla Minecraft since 2011 and got in to modded Minecraft during 2012 but I really got in to modded with Agrarian Skies, that is the modded version that really took me in to this world. As I wrote up above I am that type of player that we all call a "no lifer", yeh that is exactly what type of a player I am! And yeh baby, I am so proud of that title! Jokes aside I like to give as much as I can in every single thing I do, even if it is something tiny and nonsense, I always like to give 100% of myself, that's what they taught me when I was a kid, "if you want to do something do it right otherwise don't even start it!". I like to play with other players, on Minecraft I like to tag to someone else for enjoying the game as much as I can, let's be honest, everything is boring if you play alone even a lonely wolf won't survive months in an openworld type game, that's why I stopped playing single player and I focus more on multiplayer games. I hope to get accepted because this community looks really solid and it will be a privilege to be part of it, that's all for now, if you want to know more I am here!

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    I think you're going to fit in well, here. No-lifer Raiknov, meet no-lifer @Brochacho.
    You're whitelisted and ready to go!

  • Thank you Sir. ArbitraryHubris, going to login now! 😄

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