• so my in game name is misshaptat, i'm 33 i live on the east coast of usa. i've been playing minecraft just about 2 yrs. was looking for an active server for skyfactory 3 cause i couldn't get enough of playing with players in skyfactory 2.5!! i first started at the end of 1.8.9 minecraft and as soon as that 1.10.0 of vanilla minecraft came out i soon started to try out modded. saw that modded had so much more than just the vanilla, and first pack was Regrowth 1.0.0 and 1.0.1. but then it stopped being modded as well the server that had the pack ended. then i saw how you can start with nothing and become such a bad @$$ just with a bit of grinding with skyfactory 2.5, and became hooked ever since!! so as i looked for a new server to play on cause most open servers have closed due to either conflicts with sponge forge, and found different mods to play and found on the ftb server list you guys!! so i came to put in an app just like the post said, so i could try your SF3 out!! thx misshaptat

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