• Afternoon all!

    I am Solclaim, i'm a 40 y/o gamer that has been playing Mc since alpha. I am interested in joining Stoundbound servers to continue playing with another member you have here [Triksteve]. I am currently in Eastern Kentucky, USA though i have lived in several states. I current use Mc as a wind down from work and love thinking of ways to build new things and use new mod packs. The best thing to say was i a Lego kid and this is cheaper than having thousands of legos. As far as my time in Mc i have owned 2 servers 1 vanilla with bucket mods , and 1 Ftb style. I have been what most servers would call chat mods (no perms) to head admin( full access to console ).

    For right now i would like to play and hang out seeing how much i can die on Sf3, but if the need comes up i'll help staff as i can during the time i play. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask and i will respond as soon as i get back to the computer.

    Thanks for looking

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    Welcome to Stonebound! You're whitelisted and ready to join our servers.

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