• Greetings community of Stonebound!

    I am Grandmaker and It's pretty easy to tell that I love building structures to a grand scale of things. Small task are welcome as well. Finer details isn't my strong suit but I take it as a challenge as needed. I am 24 years old and looking to apply to your white-list server on Sky-Factory 3. I do not make any lagging builds as it is annoying to see frame rates drop within ten to twenty. Also I do not grief as in the past servers times griefing is terrible. I tend to be more of a builder than a fighter. I guess that what the french says "I'm a lover, not a fighter." I play games casually usually everyday to every once a week thing as some builds can take forever and breaks are needed for burn out.

    Being in twenties I am going to graduate in spring with double major in Computer Science and Software Engineer. Surprised that two totally different subjects? Well, I was at first but being told that CS is theoretically based while SE is hands-on approach. I see myself more towards theory side of computer science creating and developing new languages or updating existing. I'm not the one really to grind at the keyboard to dish out applications for clients. Stressful yet fun but hard and long hours.

    I do hope you add me to the whitelist.

  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our server! One small question, is Grandmaker your username, or is it Osmium?

  • It is Grandmaker. Osmium is a different but not related.

  • Guessing there is no edit button but. Here the story between the two names I get mixed up pretty bad, my fault there. Grandmaker is a Minecraft account only while 'Osmium' is my gaming/email account where you will find me on steam and such. Someone already took the name so I went with Grandmaker and that's how I ended up with. Usually do forum activities until the name Osmium but since this is a white-listed server. I thought it is appropriate to go with the Minecraft account name.

  • Staff

    Sorry for the delay!
    I was very busy yesterday and didn't even get online.
    I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist.

    By the way, our whitelist works for every server, so if another server launches with a pack you want to play, you're good to go!
    I hope you enjoy playing with us.

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