• IGN: Jixoye
    Age: 38
    I have a minecraft addiction. Especially now that modded has these great packs for 1.10. Learning the new mods and the updated ones gives minecraft that new mod smell all over again. Skyblock 3 is especially fun with all the new mechanics for one of the best game modes there is.
    I have played on several servers and it's almost always the same thing. Either the server shuts down not long after it started or there is never anyone on after a week. I'm hoping to find a long term server with long term players as I'm sure that's what everyone is looking for.
    I like to create epic, huge builds. I'm friendly, like to joke and chat and comment.
    I couldn't find a link to the TS3 or I would hop on and say hi.
    Anyway, hope to see you in game. 🙂

  • Retired

    You're whitelisted and ready to jump on our servers. Welcome!

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