• HI! I'm a young 15 year old casual gamer (about to be 16 this year) and I'm really interested in Minecraft, especially on this server. Although not having much experience with Minecraft nowadays, I used to play and watch Minecraft things consistently though not as annoying as 12 year old players (In my opinion anyways). I try to abide by the rules and really want to play this mod pack on this server. I have noticed that Minecraft has degraded from its glory days and I want to relive that spark within this server. Modded Minecraft in my opinion has its certain aesthetic and a new refreshing taste upon the regular, vanilla Minecraft that can't be easily reproduced. As boring as I may sound and with my outstanding username, (not really :D) I really just want to taste the mods on a server full of exciting adventures and other kind vagabonds. Another reason is so that I can get my friend back into FTB (and Minecraft in general, his name is Insular and you probably accepted him as well). He doesn't really want to play Minecraft without me. Hope I get whitelisted :3. (P.S. I have spicy memes 4 u 2)

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    So is your username "ikillnp" or Duckwolfdragon2?

  • My username in Minecraft is ikillnp, but my account name here is Duckwolfdragon2. 😄

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    Ok thank you. You've been whitelisted so you may join whenever you like.

  • 😄 Ty friend.

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