• Hey! I'd like to join the Stonebound community. My friend and I are looking for a nice, small server to play in, and Stonebound seems like one of the best options so far on Reddit.
    I've been playing FTB for a bit, joining the ranks of modded Minecraft when Ultimate came out. I've always had this obsession over Thaumcraft, and I'm a little sad it's not updated to 1.10 yet, but oh well! Hopefully Dire'll add that in once Azanor finishes!
    I've always wanted to play with a friend, and until now I wasn't able to convince anyone else. Playing singleplayer is too boring for me; I've found the early game grind for resources too monotonous, and the overall experience too lonely.
    We're both 15 (turning 16 this year, yay) and live in the Greater NY area! My in-game username is Insular, and I hope to get a reply soon!

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    The Coal Mod eh? Looks interesting. Might try it out some time. Anyways welcome to the server. You've been whitelisted so you may join whenever you like.

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