• Minecraft Username: GameSpriter
    Age: 21
    Where I'm From: Georgia, United States
    How I found you:
    About Me: I've been playing Minecraft for sever years now. I started in Vanilla and moved my way up to Modded where I played Attack of the B-Team. I then joined a server group where I became Head Server Admin. Everyone there eventually moved on with life and while the group still has it's name it's a barren wasteland with no one left but me. I'm here to find a new group of people to hang out with and enjoy games with, other than just Minecraft. I play CS-GO(I'm a newb), Tabletop Simulator, Dungeons and Dragons, and other games as well.

  • Retired

    I've never used the word "sever" as a number before. Is it a combination between seven and several?

    Welcome to the community. I've added you to the whitelist.

    Also would love to hang out and play some Tabletop simulator sometime. It's a ton of fun.

  • Thank you very much. I believe that was supposed to say several and not seven. Seven years was back in the alpha days. We'll definitely have to play some TTS at some point.