• Hi, my name in real life is Adam! I enjoy playing feed the beast because I love automating and watching my contraptions work. Furthermore I love doing whatever I want in Minecraft unlike in the real world where I am limited. Additionally my favorite mod is AE2. Personally, I believe I should be accepted because I am a friendly and humble person who respects everyone and can handle myself. Currently I am 17 years old from New Jersey, United States. I know this application is kind of short but if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask me in the team speak!

    My IGN is: mirosa25

    Edit: Sorry my bad, I forgot to add that I found this server on the FTB server subreddit.

  • Retired

    Welcome to Stonebound! You've been whitelisted and are ready to jump on any of our servers. See you in game.

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