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    I would like to join this community and play some modded minecraft. I've been playing modded minecraft for a couple years now, started with 1.7 and have moved on to 1.10 packs. I'm 37, married father of 2 and live in California. Mostly play during the evening PST times but sometimes play during the day depending on work schedule. May have to afk or log off abruptly sometimes during play sessions for family stuff, as they come first, but I'm generally a pretty active player. Recent packs played have been IE:E, IE:S, PO & PO2:Titan and most recently Infinity Lite 1.10. Looking to check out DW20 1.10.

    IGN is LachianMC.


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    Welcome to Stonebound! You've been whitelisted and are ready to get to building!

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    Cool thanks

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