• I am a 32 gamer who has been playing minecraft since 1.5.2. I am a part of a gaming community, however we are still on 1.7.10 servers, and im looking to solo for a bit on a 1.10 server.

    I cannot really sell myself well, so i cannot tell you why you should except me. but i have been playing for a while, and i do have experiance with the mods. -(just not with spelling)- so please dont judge.

    As far as how i found your group. I just happened by it when i was searching for 1.10 servers in google.

    Im from tennessee, have a family. and enjoy playing minecraft. hopefully i will be able to join minecraft with your group.

    my play habbits are hermit. keeping to myself but watching those around me. i help people if i can. but takes me a bit to get settled.

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    Welcome to Stonebound! You're whitelisted and ready to go.

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