• How's it going guys? My minecraft username is as the title says, iGuess19. I'm 20 and was looking for a chill server I could join to play with a group of people/community. I was looking for a server (on google) simply because playing online with people has a different feel then playing single player. I was also hopping to find a community that did not allow griefing and what not so I felt that would be a benifit to applying to a whitelisted server.
    I'm willing to work with others if they need help in game or something similar. Unfortunately, I'm out of town for thanksgiving (live in south west of US) so I won't be able to hop on team speak until Monday or perhaps Tuesday.
    Thank you for taking the time to read it.

    Edit: I've been playing since minecraft 1.6.4 (vanilla then modded once I beat vanilla) also I have never played on a server simply because this my first time actively searching for one.

  • Alright, everything looks to be in order. I hope to see you on the our servers when you get back, we have three up currently. The newest of which is the Direwolf 20 server.
    Welcome to Stonebound! 🙂

  • Awesome man! Thank you, I will definitely see you then.

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